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  • Viviana Huízar

A (very) necessary trend

Productivity. What a word. Our generation probably hasn’t been on this planet for long enough to actually acknowledge a different meaning for success in a capitalist society than so-called “productivity”. But… What does that even mean? If productivity means working extra hours, typing incessantly, burning out every week and needing over-caffeinated drinks to keep our brains working in what feels like autopilot, then we definitely don’t want that.

From hot baths and jade rollers to an Instagram feed abounding with self-care posts, the current trends somehow make it feel like we’re trying to redefine our perspective of productivity. Maybe the last couple years have been proof that we actually can change an obsolete mindset. As we were forced into a dry harsh stop, we started becoming more conscious of all that we were missing and all that we were no longer enjoying as the result of a poisonous obsession with productivity. We don’t mean an absolute rejection towards being productive, in fact, its the complete opposite: we are in the hunt for a real, healthy, succeeding and empowering type of productivity.

Does it take a pandemic to force us into a full stop? Let’s hope not. According to The World Health Organization, stress has been dubbed the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”. “Stress” might be a word with much more presence than you would rather enjoy in your everyday life. In 2017, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, life expectancy was at the lowest it had been in a decade. The reason? opioid overdose, alcohol related liver cirrhosis and suicide, most of them were related to motifs that could be linked to stress coping mechanisms.

So maybe it was about time that the youth, the greatest enterprises, the media or all of them together started pushing us into a very necessary trend: taking care of oneself. Assuming trivial and small everyday life things are unimportant makes us lose focus of the greater duds. Maybe it is only by guarding the littlest things that we can achieve greatness.

Coping with reality isn’t living, and it seems like we’re becoming more aware of it everyday. There’s plenty of beautifully poetic metaphors we could use to convince you to take care of your temple… but Instagram does it for us everyday, so we’ll just leave you thinking about your very own definition of self-care. Let us drop a highlight: we’re not aiming for a destruction of the previous definitions of success, just a profound cross-examination of those structures that no longer serve us. Be productive, wonder about who you are and wander around where it is that you want to go.

Remember, you must first put the oxygen mask on and THEN help others.

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