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  • Natalia Montes

Building a community of Mexican creative minds: Chicxs Chidxs

Some people are aware of the talent that is out there, but most have little to no clue in accordance of what creative contemporaneity has to offer.

It sometimes may become difficult to find projects that are worthy of giving them a chance, not because they do not exist, but because the vast internet and the controlled algorithms can make it easy for them to be lost or overshadowed by other things.

But there is always a way. Three friends came up with an idea of creating a space where they’d give a voice and diffusion to Mexican creative minds (in any aspect). They put together a specific digital directory that compiles several projects that need to be known: Chicxs Chidxs.

Graphic illustrator @nat_gonzzalezz along with marketers and advertisers @tiburreina and @renata_vilchis are the founders behind this versatile idea. But what does it take to be a chicx chidx? Well, in their own words, they state, “we all have one inside of us but what we need to do is make them come out and believe in them.”

They are eager to motivate people to explore their creative self.

The only formal requirements are to have a public profile with at least three months of life where your creations are displayed, and that the discourse that it portrays has a message of respect and inclusion. It can be about art, design, music, fashion, entertainment, gastronomy, exercise, entrepreneurism, photography, courses, accessories and/or social themes.

In the near future, they plan on building a web page, creating Youtube content and making collaborations between disciplines. Also, taking their directory into a more tangible aspect and making events like expositions or whatever comes to mind; the sky is the limit.

Being part of their directory is free of charge because the main focus is to build a strong community of creative minds, not to make a business out of it.

That it is a very important aspect of their project, because most of the times, people in the guild are constantly competing instead of collaborating. That can get frustrating and it could lead creative minds into taking different paths. We don’t want that!

The actual way to support the project is by getting one of their bags and stickers for just $100 pesos, sold through their site. You can check their directory of creative projects in the guides that are displayed in their instagram account (@chicxchidxs). Don’t miss out on the talent that is all around us!

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