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Chunky Boogie Rings – maximalism at your hands

You have probably seen around a tendency to display chunky things in everything we wear. But this tendency has crossed categories and it is also now spotted in rings.

Chunky rings are sparkly attention grabbers and are a straight-forward definition of fun in your hands. They are big, cute, colorful and they even look a bit like candy, so they are a great option to mix and match with your outfits or even with your manicure.

This kind of sweet jewelry is an alternative to gold, silver and steel materials that are commonly found in accessories. They are made from acrylic, resin or glass, which makes it easier to find them at accessible prices and it is another reason to start building a big collection.

The trend is a comeback from the nineties and has been hot throughout this whole year.

It is actually a wink to maximalism (the opposite of minimalism) and the different variety of textures and shapes makes it very versatile. Actually, they are meant to be piled and combined to give off some excessive vibes. They bring more life and extravagance to your style and that can be noticed from a distance.

If you are down to express your personality though colorful layers, this might be a cool place to begin! Boogie Rings @boogie_rings is a Mexican brand of baked chunky rings created by Renata Carrera. They are hand sculpted and every piece is unique.

Personalized options are available too, so if you’re looking for something very specific, it can get sorted out to your own taste and desire.

So now you know, make sure to take a look at this stylish product and all the options that are in store to start getting into a groovy and mood boosting trend!

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