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Delicious baking can only come from real passion: Nugat sets the example!

The passion towards something can lead into a big dream, and that dream can transform into an actual materialized business.

That is the case with Nugat, a bakery that since 2010 has been making palates happy and perfuming the hallways of Lila’s shopping center in Mexico City’s west side. They offer freshly made bread every day and they put their own special twist to make their options original and unique.

Nugat was born as an entrepreneur project created from the passion towards confectionery baking and great bread. Their (secret!) recipes are developed in-house after years of tasting and finding the best products. As they say, they bake with their hearts and they always keep evolving by really listening to their client’s feedback.

It all started with the sweet tooth of the girls in the family, and Gaby, the founder, studied culinary arts. Her favorite area always lead to a singular favorite: yes, bakery!

Nugat has a seasonal calendar with very specific kinds of bread for each one of them: Day of the Dead (pan de muerto), Valentine’s, Christmas, January’s rosca de reyes and Breast Cancer Awareness.

You can probably figure out which bread fits with each season, but the last one listed is very heartwarming. One of their bestsellers are the conchas. So every October they have a campaign that helps breast cancer patients pay for their treatments as they sell special pink conchas that gather the funds for that noble and valuable mission.

This family owned business strengthens the bond between whom are part of the team and also works as an inspiration for those people who share interests with their loved ones to build up and go chase their dreams.

You can find Nugat's physical store at Centro Comercial Lilas, entrance level, in front of BBVA bank. (Mexico City). They have a delivery service too, and they are currently working in their web page as they also plan to expand to create more stores.

In the meantime, you can fin them via instagram at @nugatchocolates to see the delicious options that they have to offer, and contact them if you want any specific orders for special occasions! Remember that every Tuesday they have a 3x2 promo on conchas! Go pick them up, you won’t regret it, you’ll want more!

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