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  • Natalia Montes

Do you want to become a Content Creator? Keep this in mind.

You have probably heard about a content creator or know someone who works as one. It seems like it is a very popular job now a days, isn’t it? We could say it’s a fairly new career that can function in an agency/enterprise or in an independent way and that made its breakthrough thanks to the exponential growth of the internet.

In theory, anybody who uploads something to their social networks is a content creator/content generator since they are literally creating something for their followers to consume. But what draws the line between a common user and a professional content creator?

Well, it is actually not a new thing, content has always existed hand in hand with marketing as a convincing strategy to draw new clients, although it has changed from what it was in its origins, precisely because of the wide connectivity that we currently live in.

A content creator produces entertaining or educational material that can take different forms, including blog publications, podcasts, videos, infographies, photos, e-books or even Instastories or Tiktoks. Uploads of the material need to happen on a constant basis to keep the audience hooked and to have a significant digital presence in order to make a living out of what they publish.

Last week, @alis_ep took over our Instagram account to answer some questions in regard of this topic. She works in different accounts as a (guess what?)… Content creator! @despertandopodcast, @seragalandudas and @elmetodowatson are her main platforms and she is always on the run, looking for more things to talk about and feed her followers.

So, have you ever thought about becoming a content creator yourself? Here are some things to keep in mind...

One of the most frequently asked questions for people who dedicate themselves to this is: How do you manage to keep your creativity? As in, how do you keep having ideas without getting your brain dry?

Well, of course that ideas can get stuck or you can get the “writer’s block”, but one of the fundamental aspects that you have to keep in mind is that in order to create you also have to consume. That is what keeps the new thoughts flowing and the only way to be up to date and get ahead of new tendencies.

You must also remember that you become the voice of a platform, so you have to be capable of transmitting and responding as an extension of your own creativity and have an emphatic approach towards your target audience.

Also, if you do not have a team to help you yet, make sure to learn about new softwares that can help you expand the boundaries of your creating capabilities. For example, if you are a writer, learn how to edit photos that can represent your texts, or learn how to use a recording software in case of feeling the inspiration of making a podcast. We get to a loop there, because if you do your research, there are several creators that can teach you that, (or anything else) on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, you name it!

The possibilities are plenty, but the backbone of the situation is to focus on things that are not repetitive and can gain interest; remember that the internet is very vast and can get boring if there are no new options for the users. And finally: Remember that a nyone can do anything they want as long as they are willing to practice that activity!

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