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Updated: May 3, 2021

"The people who make the biggest difference are the ones who do the little things consistently"

When people talk me about living a more sustainable life, the first word that comes to my mind is: sacrifice. "I'll have to be vegan", "I'll have to walk everywhere", "I will only be able to buy in expensive organic stores". And with this, the second thing that comes to my mind is: a lot of money. Society, marketing and social networks have ingrained us idea about leading a sustainable life is more expensive or isn't made for all of us and the reality is that going vegan, consuming only organic products and having solar heaters at home, are giant steps that Instagram show us, but have many small steps behind them, which many times they do not show us: few are the times they teach us those small steps that people take every day to help the environment.

And another thing that they mention us a lot, when they talk about leading an ecofriendly lifestyle is for the environment's benefit. We are also very used to seeing it as if we had to do a favor to animals, to nature, to the world. They even talk to us about leaving our children or future generations a better world, but what if I only want to benefit myself?, what if I think about not even having children? (I think it would help the planet even more). I also believe very few times they explain us what benefits brings to ourselves and at this moment; how it benefits our wallets, how it benefits our health and how it benefits our mind. It is time to stop seeing ecofriendly life as a favor to the environment and to start seeing it as a favor to ourselves.

In this article I will give you a series of small steps that you can start taking in your day to day to achieve a more sustainable life, in this way, you'll not feel the drastic change, at the same time you do your bit to help to conserve the environment. I will also tell you what benefits being sustainable brings you and the positive impact that you can leave if you are consistent with these small steps.

1. Go thrift shopping: Many people see this activity as unhygienic and impractical, but second-hand clothing is a fashionable option and can even be fun, because besides helping the environment, you help more people from being exploited in fast fashion industries.

2. Avoid plastic cutlery, straws and toothbrushes, buy instead reusable ones made of metal or wood.

3. Take your own bags to the supermarket, as one of these is equivalent to up to 170 plastic bags. 4. Turn off the water at bathing time while you soaped, while you brush your teeth and while you lather your hands when you wash them, you have no idea how many liters of water you can save with this small change.

5. For the kitchen use a cloth towel, instead of large paper napkins. One rag equals 7,300 paper towels.

6. Try to buy your fruits and vegetables in local markets. With this activity, you benefit local businesses and avoid consuming fruits and vegetables packed in plastic. 7. Prepare your homemade sauces and jams, they will be free of chemicals and artificial flavors that do more harm to your body. 8. Consume bulk products. It is even cheaper and you significantly reduce the excessive use of plastic and non-renewable materials.

9. Avoid buying water bottles and take a thermos with you, since you eliminate the use of up to 167 plastic bottles with reusable thermoses; as well as coffee thermoses, which reduce up to 500 disposable cups. 10. Enter the world of DIY. Not only for preparing food or clothes, but also makeup or makeup remover pads. 11. If it is of your comfort, use menstrual cup or cloth feminine pads.

We have to stop seeing the sustainable lifestyle as an option and start seeing it as a necessity. Today we know many alternatives to do so that at the same time keep us in our comfort zone and make this change somewhat lighter and more cautious. We must see the benefits that this brings to us and see it more as an investment that in the long term will benefit our health and our wallet, will make the world a better place to enjoy it and will make us understand that we are guests of the earth, not its owners.

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