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  • Natalia Montes

Ephemeral art that you can taste, Let Them Have Cake!

This week, we had an amazing example of how the paths in life can change in an abrupt way and turn out to simply get better.

It is a common case that young people make wrong career choices because they are not aware of what a degree actually implies, and without even being clear of what's in store for the near future.

This is the case of Estefanía Peynetti, who chose the Architecture career when she was only eighteen years old. After time passed, she realized that it wasn't her actual vocation and that she actually despised it, and instead of putting unnecessary pressure on herself, she began to focus on what really captured her attention.

A hobby turned out to be her life passion. Estefanía decided to take the sweet road of cakes and bakery. She migrated to Paris to study the craft at Ecole Ducasse and fell in love with the combination of art and desserts. And, honeslty, we can say that she also pours a bit of the architecture knowledge when she builds some tall cakes!

She founded her company called Let Them Have Cake (@letthemhavecake), which is specialized (but not narrowed to) making unique and personalized wedding cakes -or cakes for any given celebration decorated in fondant.

Actually, if you see her work, you can easily spot the amount of detail that is poured in the making of each couture cake. Each one of the pieces is actually a work of -delicious- ephemeral art. Decorating some of the cakes can take up to 14 hours! Some of them are hand painted or exalted with handmade sugar flowers.

It is no easy task, but when someone makes things happen with love and passion, you can notice it from miles afar.

Take a look at their lovely work, we are sure that at @letthemhavecake, they can make any of your ideas come to life in the shape of a, not only pretty, but a yummy cake. Or cupcakes, or cookies. Just ask!

And also remember that it is never too late to change the road that you're on in order to materialize the affection of the competence that truly produces joy in your soul.

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