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The word "cancer" in a medical context is quite imposing. Most of us automatically associate it with death or being a little more "optimistic": with something catastrophic. This is because all of us, even from a long distance, have seen the consequences that this disease leaves behind. However, we are sure that not all of us who have witnessed, have lived the entire process that cancer disease implies.

Between 1999 and 2018, according to the National Cancer Institute, the suicide rate in patients who were diagnosed with this disease, decreased by 2.8% compared to previous years. Same period of time, in which mental support and treatment services for cancer increased.

The only 100% accurate control that absolutely everyone can have against cancer, is psychological. Therefore, in addition to a specialized physical treatment, it's also important to assign professional help to our mind during cancer treatment, whatever your role and for this, in this new article we want to talk about JouP.

JouP is a foundation that specializes in psychological, emotional and spiritual accompaniment for patients, families or close people living with cancer disease. It was born from the diagnosis of Juan Pablo, Alexia's brother and Luz's son, two of the three founders of the platform. Regina, is the third founder of JouP. They realized that cancer affects everyone close to the disease equally, and no matter what role you play, you are important and deserve help and professional support to go through this process.

If you are close to the cancer disease, JouP evaluates your case on its website, and automatically directs you with trained personnel to provide you with all the psychological and spiritual support you require, how? through workshops and courses, poadcasts, psychological support, an accompaniment kit for chemotherapy and psychoeducational and holistic tools within its website.

JouP is ruled by its set of acronyms in spanish: RUPAC.

Respect and resilience: All processes are unique, all are valued and all take their own time.

Union: You are not alone.

Patience: Everything passes, nothing is permanent.

Love: We seek to enhance the best quality of each one of us.

Trust and Compassion: We understand what it is to be in your place and we want the best for you.

What makes JouP different from other foundations? Many times it's not affordable to obtain professional psychological help, since the physical health expenses that cancer implies are extremely high. For this reason, JouP offers you specialized and quality help at affordable prices, in addition to having its own scholarship program.

It's worth mentioning that absolutely everyone can support this foundation in different ways. We can make donations on your website (, buy their products, share their publications on social networks or simply spread the word and recommend them.

There is definitely no better help and support for any experience, than someone who has already gone through it in first hand. Luz, Regina and Alexia put a little piece of themselves in the foundation and want to make sure that everyone who is going through cancer doesn't feel that they are alone. They put at your disposal the email: to ask any questions you have related to JouP and this article, we would like to end with a phrase by Joe Wasser who assures: "cancer is only a chapter, not the whole story".

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