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When it comes to transmitting a message in writing, we usually give priority to its structure: to the good choice of words, coherence and spelling, that is, we prioritize the background and not so much the form of it. However, we must get in mind, that many times the form of message depends a lot the way in which it is read and above all: interpreted.

Fonts for some people, may represent just a detail that makes a message look "good" or "beautiful", however, it is good we keep in mind, the great value that it brings when deciding whether a message is read or not.

In this article we are going to talk about the fonts that flood CDMX and how Daniela España found a really interesting project behind the documentation and archive of these fonts and labels on her Instagram account: @type.cdmx.

Daniela España, writer and translator defines herself as an appreciator and interested in graphic design and typography. She thinks that logos, signs and labels, give each place a particular character that speaks a lot about its own history, and through them, you can appreciate the spirit of the time where they were founded.

Although the signs reveal the essence of each place we enter, it is the first element we distinguish when locating a place, an element that is also extremely important when choosing whether to enter locations or not and the time of purchase.

Daniela is very inspired by the city itself, in fact, she realized that she had many photos of signs and labels saved and that was how she decided to officially start the project in March 2019.

She takes 90% of the photographs of type.cdmx , but she is also delighted to collaborate with her followers. In fact, Dani assures that there’s not really a content strategy, it’s about a project she does in her spare time and updates when she has new material available. She even loves and is very surprised that more than thirty cities in the world are launching their own label archive projects, for her, it’s a great reward and she believes that it is the greatest achievement that this project has been able to have so far, well thanks to this, a community of curious was born.

It’s very interesting seeing how advertisements and signs of commercial places characterize each city and, in turn, transmit to the exterior the character, style and essence inhabited the interior. Also, it is interesting to see how the basic elements of an era, such as lines and geometric shapes, are extracted to carry out something so complex and representative, such as typefaces, which later become part of the exterior decorations that together, create the essence and style of an entire area.

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