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Meet the fright fashion from Bodega Slasher and make your last breath count

Spooky time is here again! It is clear that Autumn comes hand in hand with ghouls and ghosts, sweet treats, specific clothes for the season, masks and of course, scary movies! So... we invited a guest that fits perfectly with this line: @bodegaslasher

Bodega slasher is a fairly new project that, as many others, was created during the pandemic. It’s main distinctive is a face that we have all seen before: Ghostface, the mask that is worn by the serial killer featured in the Scream franchise movies.

And it is precisely movies where the word “slasher” was taken from. If you are not very familiar with horror movie subgenres, let us put you a bit in context: slasher films specifically involve a mentally deranged stalker (who is usually masked) that murders young victims in a gruesome manner.

Scream was released in 1996 and it has become a pop culture icon when it comes to horror references. It originally parodied the slasher films from the 1970’s and 80’s such as Black Christmas, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street or Child’s Play, but with way more screams (hence the title).

Ok, so now that you’re on track, let’s go back to Bodega Slasher… this started out with a sole sketched-out idea of creating a dress with a huge Ghostface over it. Some time passed by until the sudden stop in activities caused by the pandemic draw it’s creator (@josentimental) into the actual materialization of his objective.

The brand started out independently with a single product: a bucket hat with a glow-in-the-dark embroidered Ghostface. After that, some other products were created until the main goal was met: creating the original sketched dress!

You can now find their products via their online store, or at @shop.kathleen in Los Angeles and very soon they will also be available in Berlin, Germany. On the long run, the BODEGA (warehouse) is meant to become a place where scary horror props and clothing are available for rent or retail, which would be very useful for cinematic purposes.

Along with this, @cinemaslasher is a complementary event that projects a scary movie followed by a party with a lineup of national DJs to promote the local scene.

So if your down for horror stuff do not hesitate, make your last breath cound and give them a follow to keep up to date!

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