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Mexican designer and entrepreneur based in Milan

Italy is the cradle of many important occidental cultural aspects. It is impossible to narrow down its influence in art, gastronomy or viticulture, to say the least. But the fashion industry is one of the strongest pillars in the country and its boot-shaped geography is not a coincidence. Specifically, Milan is THE place to live fashion to the fullest.

Each sidewalk is actually a catwalk. Fashion events are constant around the city, of which of course, world-known Fashion Week is the main stage. Boutiques and showrooms are present in every corner and you can find all of the major design labels available there, as well as the headquarters for some of the most renowned brands such as Versace, Prada and Valentino.

With such surroundings and inspirational material, there is no surprise that Leila Autrique, a Mexican immigrant following her dreams, picked Milan to study Fashion Design. Plus, she’s a student in one of the leading schools in the world when it comes to design: Istituto Marangoni.

Encircled by an enriched cultural exchange and academic excellence, Leila is currently undertaking her last year of training at Marangoni, but at the same time she is already working in the development of her own firm built from scratch, @autrique.brand. September 2021 will mark the launching of this project, which draws its inspiration directly from the city and centers in unisex handmade products based in red carpet fashion, special orders and ready-to-wear garments.

Leila sets an example for young entrepreneurs who dream big, leave their comfort zone behind and pursue their passion all the way into the core. Her idea trails a concept that will advance into a new brand full of expectations and a very bright future ahead.

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