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  • Mafer Hernandez

Miranda Alonso: "stop running, to be able dancing"

Naturally when we first see someone, we only physically observe what is in front of us (before interacting). The first time we saw Miranda, I think the first thing that came to our mind, was the word: soul. And although it could be said that the encounter we had with this artist was via Instagram, her way of speaking and her talent for expressing what she feels and what she thinks, destroyed the screen in front of us, giving permission to see a little of this talented passionate woman who told us in broad strokes what she does.

Miranda currently resides in the city of Madrid, and she says she was never professionally dedicated to literature, in fact she herself assures that she does not consider herself a writer as such, however, she says: "It has always been my refuge, my greatest pleasure, it's the only time I feel completely free. " In addition, she considers that writing has the power to relax, as she maintains that: it develops your thinking, alleviates mental load, clarifies ideas, reduces stress and anxiety, produces positive energy and increases self-esteem and self-confidence, in addition to be an incredible tool for introspection and self-knowledge, the artist tells us.

She focuses her writing work mainly in poetry, because through it, she finds the best way to connect and get to know people, she even says that it makes her feel as if she knew her followers from all her life.

Likewise, when we start to delve into and learn a little more about artists, the question that many of us ask to ourselves is: what are the things that inspire them? Well, speaking specifically about Miranda, she is inspired by many things in her daily life and she enjoys a lot of the simplest things that surround her, such as the trees, the mountains, the sound of the waves of the sea, the sunsets, etc. She even accepts, that she used to think to make history, we had to live extraordinary things, however, now she invites us to never stop surprising us, because the fact of living the everyday in an intense and passionate way is to love our existence and those who we really are. It is not what we live, but the way we decide to do it.

Miranda also believes a lot that getting out of our comfort zone is starting to live and she sets the perfect example by becoming passionate about extreme sports, because she says that the more fear she is, the more she enjoys them.

"growing up uncomfortable and hurts

but regret hurts more having chosen to brake out of fear to grow"

She believes that a key measure our growth are mistakes: "if you are not making mistakes, you are not growing to the level you deserve [...] that mistakes never stop you". Well, as we said before and as Miranda showed us, fear and uncertainty often lead us to extraordinary things and even have the power to bring to light what we are really passionate about. She also believes that many times we want something in our life, but we don't realize what we really need are other things, for that reason, Miranda assures we must concentrate on our best version of ourselves and stop comparing us: "when you stop from seeing what you lack, you realize what you have."

"There is no perfect time or circumstances to do, stop doing, let go, grab, start or change."

Many times we put aside projects or things we want to do because we simply wait for the perfect moment to do it. Miranda, on the other hand, believes in the power of visualizations and that many times we attract what we think into our lives, since we later transform those thoughts into realities. And we return in this part, to the use we can give to fear and uncertainty, since the artist understands that change is uncomfortable, because as she says: we have no idea in what form it is going to appear in our life, however, we must believe that we attract what we think and trusting that good things will come can be a very useful and important tool.

"We cannot control what will happen in the future, but we can decide who we will be when they happen, and that decision-making capacity is the greatest freedom in the world."

Miranda is currently the author of two books: Pecas de Sal and The Poet's Playground, where she further details her way of perceiving life and especially how she says, usefully translating what she thinks and connecting with the world through lyrics and poetry. The interesting thing about Miranda's books is that they are a compilation of poetry, illustrations and photographs, accompanied by a beautiful editorial design that reflects the iconic aesthetics of the artist. These books are available on her page: and she has free shipping to Mexico and Spain. You can also see a bit of life through Miranda's eyes on her Instagram accounts: @pecasdesal and @mirandaalonso, where she has multiple music recommendations, inspirational quotes and beautiful photographs that ensure a delight to our eyes.

To end this article, we would like to give you seven steps that Miranda considers key to improving our lives:

1. Trust your intuition 2. Respect your energy 3. Love what belongs to you

4. Let go of what is not yours

5. Breathe 6. Learn from others 7. Share your magic

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