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Quality jewelry: a present that will outlive you for generations.

Did you know that jewelry has been present in civilization since prehistoric times? It constitutes a big part of every culture and it takes its own singular part in special events and everyday life with different meanings and backgrounds up until our day and age.

A big piece of jewelry has an obvious and pompous significance. But a piece of small jewelry can have a bigger meaning than it shows: love, protection, memories, energy or sentimental value. It can go further than just being an ornamental piece.

That also means that a lot of the contemporary designs have a direct connection with the person who wears them. They can cause admiration from others and pleasure to the carrier, which transcends into a direct stimulant in their emotional state.

Plus, they are timeless. Unlike other goods, their value remains fixed. In times of crisis, they can make the difference in case of economic instability, or as an article that could be sold in case of needing cash.

But that would only be an option in case of emergency! And we just mention that to reaffirm that investing in jewelry is not only a fashion statement or a luxury, but it is also smart.

If you are searching for a great gift for others or for yourself, don’t hesitate to make an inquiry with @josefinajewelry_ . She is a Mexican high jewelry designer based in New York who works solely on her clients’ personal wishes.

The process begins from scratch with whatever a client has in mind. Say a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings. Then, the materials are discussed, along with the sketching. The whole design goes hand on hand with the customer and Josefina, which makes this a great option, because it is supposed to be the client’s own personal taste. Afterwards, it is transferred to the master jeweler for the definitive craft and final destination.

Think about it: quality jewels are items that are not only pretty or fancy. They are long lasting and can easily outlive you! That means that any given piece of quality jewelry will prevail for years and generations after you are gone. Great gifts are great moments but also things that can overcome the passage of time.

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