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Reuse, reduce, Re-dress… for less!

It is usual to be tempted by the latest collections of the big names in fashion or to enjoy a garment that is made to our own taste and measures… but there is also an alternative of a pre-loved item (maybe a top quality unique treasure) that can make us happy as we help local economy, our own budget and the ecosystem too!

Re-dress ( is an online store that focuses on giving continuous life to beautiful and distinctive dresses.

The special-occasion kind of clothing is sometimes meant to be ‘worn once’ –or actually, been seen wearing it just once- and so it becomes a forgotten, yet special item in one’s closet.

The point is to rescue the value of its quality by reselling them for no commission (only a small fee to upload and publish) so the full value goes directly to the owner’s earnings. This creates a fully transparent deal. It is also a great option for buyers, since they can find rare items for a much lower cost than retail price and with a bit of good energy, since the objects have been pre-loved and cherished by their sellers.

But the variety is wide, since they have dresses that have been used several times, maybe some that have been altered, or some that have only been used once, or new stuff too! Wedding dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses and page dresses are their main products, but shoes and accessories are also thrown in the mix.

This idea came to the mind of Tanya and Ruth six months ago, but they have just launched their platform at the beginning of November 2021.

The backbone to this is that we need to focus on making the best of products that have already been created, rather than stimulating the overproduction of clothes (or of any article). When we use second-hand items we contribute to reduce pollution created by manufacturing. Remember: less demand = less production.

Extending the life cycle of a garment is also a sustainable action for the environment because it decreases the number of articles that get directly discarded in the trash. And it would be sad to not squeeze the marvelous out of fantastic clothes.

So now you know, if you have some dresses that no longer serve you, or you are thinking of buying good quality for less, visit Re-dress and get positively wrapped into the new cycles of pre-loved clothing!

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