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Sergé Basics: everyday attires with altered interventions

Basics are exactly that: basic garments that are meant to complement any outfit. These items are neutral, easy to match and can be found to go fine with anything. White, black, khaki, grey, navy and camel in different intensities are the main colors that make up the scheme in this kind of clothing.

Even if basics can be easily found in almost any retail store, that shouldn’t mean that they’re a synonym for bad quality, on the other hand, they should be made to last, but unfortunately fast fashion brands are giving us the wrong idea by making cheap and disposable basics.

But there are also high quality brands that focus on creating garments at affordable prices as a great alternative to spend wisely in your wardrobe.

For instance, Sergé Basics (@sergebasics). It is a brand that is based on the creation of basic garments altering their design and pattern to be on trend and inspired by current proposals. In simpler terms, they’re basics with a twist. And as they say, you can be fashionable at the same time that you feel comfortable.

This project was born in Mexico City starting out as a thesis by Ximena Martínez (@ximenamtz22) to obtain her textile design degree at Centro. It has been active for more than a year and began its outcome through leather manufacturing as a core. Now they also work with knitwear, linen and denim and they have an interesting variety in which you’ll most definitely find something that suits your style.

We would love to add that they do self-managing work from design and confection to photography and communication though an all-girl team. Their showroom can be found at Isaac Newton 186, int 502, Polanco, Mexico City. You can also find them online at

Remember that clothing is also an investment so make sure to choose wisely at the same time that you support Mexican brands that work hard on long-lasting quality.

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