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  • Natalia Montes

Shifting your thoughts into a positive and grateful mindset

Mental health is a basic aspect of our integrity as rational beings. It is the balance between what we think, feel and do. Our emotions are unconscious reactions that nature gave us with the objective of guaranteeing our survival and which we should learn how to deal with for our own benefit.

The power of our the words that build our thoughts are even bigger than we are aware of. A basic thought is the beginning of what creates our reality and what resonates in our subconscious self.

That is when the power of positive shines through. With something as simple as a quick message of gratefulness or optimistic affirmation, our moment and even our day can change its course for good.

Considering the basis of the current western culture that we live in, which is settled on capitalism, monotony and stress, life sometimes gets overwhelming. But shifting the focus and perspective of our thoughts is the beginning of the real change. It is actually the first step of the process in a wide range of psychological therapies.

When you have a constant reminder of a positive thought, your mind gets triggered into believing that it is actually a fact and you will notice that things start falling into place.

Psychologist Nathalie Aziz works with this process, which you can find in her instagram @nathalieaziz as well as These accounts are full of optimistic and high-vibing posts. And as a supporting feature, Nathalie created a novelty way to have a constant tangible reminder of both positive and grateful messages: The positivity deck and the grateful deck.

These are sets of cards from which you should blindly pick one each day. All of them are different positive messages that are meant to keep on display on a visible place for you to see throughout the whole day and push the influence of thought into an optimistic way of seeing things, and therefore, a healthier mindset!

Remember that your reality begins with what you think, so this process and ritual of starting each day with a nice thought will make you feel better even if life sometimes gets a bit rough on us.

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