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@siempremanola: the marketer communicating self- love

Lately, leading a healthy and happy life has become a very popular trend, fortunately, but demostrating it through social media (mainly Instagram) even more. Many of us, by frequenting these platforms that much, seeing how all those perfect lives are lived, burden us with responsibility and above all, making us setting standards that we later have to accomplish in order to feel we are leading good lives.

We at Vyral, observing all these patterns, decided in this article to tell you a little about Manola Canalizo, a marketer, publicist, and blogger on issues of self-love, recipes and fashion, passions that have made her grow on her blog in Instagram: @siempremanola where she shares her day-to-day life through tips, recipes and tips that she considers useful for her audience.

"The secret is doing what fulfills us, in a balanced way"

Manola says that one very important thing is to set limits. Returning a little to what we mentioned in the introduction, Manola thinks it's good to enjoy what happens outside the digital world and she emphasizes that we must be more aware with the use of the cell phone and social media, since the limit she finds necessary to set, is not to abandon the social media world, but making ourselves more responsible users.

She maintains that we can't compare times and expect similar results from other people we see, because we are different and therefore, we live in different realities. The important thing for everyone is to start crawling and then walk fluently respecting our own rhythm. Also in this bog, Manola tells us how we can be more empathic with ourselves and she advises us not to give diagnoses about the context of other people without knowing the background of their realities.

She believes that it's not good to force our body and mind and demand results from ourselves without listening them. We must respect all our feelings and give them their place, understand that there is something in our life and what is more important: taking them as an opportunity to grow, you just have to feel them and then let them go.

"Your productivity doesn't define the quality of person you are"

Manola recognizes that she has been a prey to overproductivity and over the years, she has learned this doesn't define the quality of person she is, since she understands that we must take a breathe and from time to time, let things flow to put more attention to the present, what has made her enjoy herself, prioritize her emotions and what she is really passionated about.

Inspiring and continuing to inspire more people is one of the reasons that motivates Manola to continue creating content, since communicating what she experiences in a useful way has allowed her to meet more people and make connections to inspire, nurture and strengthen her blog.

Without a doubt, one of the many keys that we can find to carry out a more peaceful and healthier life is to find a balance for everything. And the truth is that it is said and listened too easily, but many times, what is most difficult for us, is to identify where to put certain barriers, and then put the balance in the middle. For this, we would like to close this article with three tips Manola considers useful to be more happy with ourselves:

1. Take care of what we consume and ask ourselves: is it nourishing us or is it stressing us?

2. Don't compare ourselves, each person is a world and we have to focus on ourselves.

3. Follow accounts that make us feel good in social media and stop following those that don't.

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