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Stop spending on towels and invest your money in CECO

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

For those who love carry out activities that put us in contact with water, we know how uncomfortable and even annoying it is carrying large towels to dry us and also other garments for after having been in contact with water, since many times they make our experience less comfortable and pleasant. The ideal thing for those who are nature lovers, and above all, developing activities that involve water, is to travel in a minimalist and comfortable way, that is why in this article we come to talk you about Ceco, the 100% Mexican brand that has as the purpose to give you the comfort you need in your clothes to contaminate you the desire of living experiences and adventures in water.

Ceco is a brand of garments made of terry cloth for after swimming, surfing or practicing some other aquatic activity.

Born from Lilo and Ren's passion for practicing activities that involve them with nature. Lilo loves hiking, taking pottery classes, and meditating; while Ren loves to surf, climb, paint and dance. They are both passionate about yoga and together they love being in total contact with nature. That is why they created this brand that is intended to dry you immediately after you stop being in contact with water.

Currently, Ceco's team is made up of three people. The part of product design, graphic design, production and communication is in charge of Ren, while Lilo is in charge of digital marketing, e-commerce, administration and marketplaces. They seek to spread their enthusiasm for nature and water activities through Ceco and below we give you four reasons why you should stop spending money on towels and start investing in products of this brand.

1. It is a brand committed to fair trade: all products are 100% Mexican and their primary commitment is supporting the people who work with them through fair wages and attention. 2. Seeks to reduce environmental impact: they constantly work to reduce the environmental footprint left by each garment, as some of their products are made with recycled fabric scraps and their tags are made from blanket fabric. In addition, they seek to make the packaging in the most minimalist way possible. 3. Produce Comfort-Focused Garments: from the beginning, Lilo and Ren sought to produce functional garments that were primarily comfortable. Currently all designs are light and baggy. 4. Products designed to transcend: one of the most marked statements of Ceco, is that the simplicity and quality of the product, makes it transcend through generations,

therefore, the use of colors is in basic tones and the adjustments of the garments are classic. In addition, all the pieces are unisex.

The Ceco team seeks to inspire all people to do more outdoor activities using comfortable clothes, that is why Lilo and Ren intend in five years to make Ceco the towel brand par excellence that accompanies people on their adventures; "we believe in what we are doing and we know that we can go a long way," said Lilo and Ren after announcing that they are both passionate about creating a product.

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