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TAZIA: the new brand with iconic sustainable garments

Concerned about the preservation and care of the environment, but also concerned about making you look incredible, Tazia is the new brand in charge of selling you the iconic garments you will want in your wardrobe.

With the pleasure and interest of expressing the ideas of the founders, this brand was born in Puebla state, in Mexico as a creative platform to capture and express ideas that would later be made tangible with fabrics and other materials to intervene and sell garments. .

Tazia's pillar and philosophy is sustainable fashion, fair pay, personalized attention and Mexican design. Therefore, in this article we want to give you some reasons to make Tazia your trusted iconic garment brand.

Cares about sustainable fashion

The focus point in new fashion trends is not only on garments' aesthetics, but on the sustainability and ecological consequences that this industry leaves on the planet. Working with sustainable fashion is not only concerned with taking care of the garments' materials, but also with the conditions and sales processes that are handled in each brand.

Tazia is part of Noissue's Eco-Packaging Alliance, handling recycled paper wrappers and shipped in compostable bags, which biodegrade in just 180 days. In addition, 75% of its collections use salvaged or wasted materials, following upcycling / supra-recycling practices, therefore, the number of designs and garments are limited, since they depend on the existence of the fabrics, and in the same way, the items are produced from when each purchase is finalized.

Original garments in trend

With the production of series like Stranger Things, eighties fashion returned as a source of inspiration not only for clothing, but also for shoes and accessories.

Speaking specifically of sports jackets, their use is characterized by being loose and thus giving an effortless but striking look to your outfit.

In Tazia this type of jackets are one of its most iconic garments as it has a wide variety of models and sizes.

Cares about fair trade

Continuing on the same channel as the nostalgic era in fashion, the brand recently also released a capsule of crocheted garments. With the quarantine and also the care and preservation of the environment, the trend for crocheted garments and accessories has become a protagonist on the catwalks. For the spring-summer collection, Tazia launched a crochet capsule in collaboration with a group of women from San Miguel Xoxtla, in Puebla.

The brand explains these women wanted to challenge themselves to make garments that they had never made before and the results were incredible, since the process of each piece is explained once the customer makes the purchase. Tazia believes that every ethical piece must be explained to make its truthfulness and authenticity known.

"These pieces are very special because they symbolize the day of a person who works from her home and put a price on her work, and we accept it without haggling".

No gender fashion

In a world where there's a fight for labels and standards to be handled in a more particular way, brands must be updated and have products even for non-believers in their company, since it's not only about selling, but also about bringing a negotiation where information with the customer is exchanged and brands can also learn from the context to nurture themselves.

Tazia's pieces can be worn by whoever wants to use them wherever and whenever they feel most comfortable, their neutral designs allow everyone who wears each piece to feel comfortable and sure that they have chosen the correct garment.

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