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The Photographer of Souls

It is said that we live in a highly visual era, where social media such as Instagram and Tik Tok have gone from being entertainment apps, to becoming platforms for content dissemination and advertising media, as it is no coincidence that both of them are within the five most used worldwide. And as we all know, both platforms base their content on the use of photography and video, so when it comes to the photography of a brand, product or company, it is convenient that to make a difference and conveniently position your business, you hire a professional photographer for your content.

In this article, we want to tell you about Cheli González: photographer and videographer who specializes in creative and content photography of fashion, food and lifestyle.

What differentiates Cheli from other photographers, is that she turns her service into an entire experience, since she personally is the first person to approach with her clients, because she loves to see personally the passion each person puts in her project and she takes the time to investigate what the client seeks to convey with his product or service, because with this she seeks to capture the best of each project in his photographs.

In fact, Cheli says the photographs she likes to take the most, are those of people doing her work, because she is very inspired to see all the passion and effort people put into what they do.

And all this quality work is based on the words that Cheli clients say about their work, for example, AC Palma, an association of handmade products in communities in the state of Guerrero, in Mexico, affirms that it was up to In 2017, when Cheli started working with them, they managed to capture in photography what the brand really wanted.

In Nook Mesa, they were fascinated with her, because she even proposed them props and other objects that thought would help them achieve better photographs. This gave them the impression that Cheli had really understood what the essence of the brand was.

Opinions such as: "It is incredible how she transforms in each project and her great dedication to them", "she lives without rules, is daring, original and that is transmitted in her photography" and more good comments abound. And, we think that when something really fascinates you and above all, goes according to your philosophy of life and ideals, to achieve it in such an exceptional way that it hardly has any competition. Cheli loves to see Mexican brands grow and with her photography she wants to get more Latin American artists to be encouraged and motivated to expand their work. While she appreciates all the confidence that her clients give her by putting in her hands the image and presentation of her projects, corresponding them with high quality work.

Now we know the importance of leaving all the audiovisual material of your project in the hands of a professional, because the level and prestige is different when a professional photographer takes charge. Not to mention that thanks to the photographic quality, it is possible to use all the material on different platforms, ranging from social media, web pages or public supports, both online and offline.

We should also mention that it is important to give coherence to your project by choosing the photographs that best represent what you want to convey, and this can be achieved with the help of a professional photographer. You can find more of Cheli's work on her website: or on her Instagram page: @cheli.gpp.

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