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The story of an iron girl

Fortunately, in recent years many cultures have taken more into account the hobbies and interests mothers have (on a more personal level). The dreams and aspirations they have after having their children, have been seen more possible to be fulfilled without so many prejudices by not dedicating the rest of their lives 100% to their children and domestic care. And one of the positive things left by the Second World War, was to show all of us as a society that women are capable of doing any type of work as long as we set our mind to it.

In this article we will talk about Anne: triathlon athlete, coach, and full-time mother and wife, who shows every day to all of her followers, but above all to herself, that it is possible to fulfill all your dreams with responsibility and organization.

Anne has obtained two Ironman (triathlons: races that combine swimming, cycling and running) of 140.6 and ten of 70.3 and she ensures that one of her strongest passions is sport.

Anne tells us that she discovered her passion when she was looking for something to motivate her, because at that stage of her life, she felt a bit stagnant and sport, being something that had always caught her attention, was her salvation; then, she claims that she discovered her passion from curiosity.

Her first approach to triathlons was the first time she signed up for a full Ironman (she was curious) and she actually recommends choosing a nice place to do your very first performance, not so much for ease, but for how can make you feel the place in which you are wrapped. She also tells us that she works her mind before facing any competition or race doing meditations and pre-race visualizations.

One of the challenges Anne constantly faces is having routines. She accepts that routines bore her, but because of Luca (her baby) she now has had to establish them in her daily life to take better control and be able to fulfill all her passions and dreams in a responsible successful way. She also needs to clarify that she accepts to be very disciplined by being able to take the time to go out and have fun, take care of Luca and Leo (her puppy) and be an athlete.

Also, she accepts that the most difficult thing for her, now that she is already a mother, has been not to feel guilty for giving herself enough time to train, because before Luca arrived, she dedicated more time to her training and despite the fact that it has been a challenge to get organized, Anne hopes through time, she will stop feeling guilty for taking the time to do the things she loves.

“I trained a lot before Luca came along, continued during my pregnancy, and trained even harder in postpartum, because being a mother doesn’t mean I’ve stopped chasing big goals. Moms can do it all! While my number one role is being a mom, I still matter, my passions still matter, and these big crazy dreams still matter. "

Now Anne's priority is her baby and taking care of her family, but she tries to convey to her followers on her Instagram account (thestoryofanirongirl) that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. She wants to motivate the followers who are mothers and make them see that following their dreams is not to reproach, but to admire themselves and thinks that it would be good for society to normalize that being a mother doesn’t mean ending your life or who you are, but for that we must stop judging each other and mainly: stop judging ourselves.

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