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  • Natalia Montes

The value of cataloguing an art collection

The art world is one of those mesmerizing and deep places that are full of aspects that go beyond the art itself.

Art collections are a reflection of what the pieces transmit to the person. With the pass of time, they become a timeline that tells a story of the owner’s life by pointing out its different stages and reviving the emotions that went through them.

But behind every great collection, there must be a great catalogue. Most art collectors do not have an adequate register of their repertory. By creating one, the worth that it deserves becomes clearer and more organized. Valuations can be made quicker and in case of wanting to sell a piece the process becomes easier.

It is also important to have the corresponding certificates in a right storage, a photographic record and tagging of the pieces, as well as knowing the correct care instructions for each artwork in order for them to endure (and outlive you and future generations!).

All this work can sound overwhelming, but it can be done by specialists such as Antonia García López (@antonia_______a) and Louis Poire (@lpoire) from

They catalogue, register and administer art collections for galleries, artists, dealers and collectors. They take high definition photographs of every piece in the collection to create a personalized portfolio (both physical and in an online database) with original documentation and certifications, along with specific fact sheets about the pieces and authors to have everything in order with precise information.

Plus, they can assist with guidance, restoration and cleaning services, framing, packaging, among other specialized activities.

But that’s not it, they also offer emerging artists the chance of advice and channeling their sales, as well as a revision of their statement and portfolio, it doesn’t matter if it is small or huge, the intention is to push the boundaries and impulse the artist to have an easier access to galleries, position their work and become more active in the aspect of vending.

This project was created for art lovers, by art lovers who want to organize and incite well-defined collections that make things easier for other art lovers!

So, to wrap everything up, the value of cataloguing an art collection lies precisely on having a clear idea of the value of the collection itself! If you have some artwork pieces and plan on acquiring more, do not hesitate to begin cataloguing your stock!

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