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Violetta: listening to what people don't actually say.

Updated: May 31, 2021

A study from the Vrije University in Amsterdam, says that a chatbot is capable of preventing up to more than a thousand suicides.

One of the many things we have to thank to new revolutions and protests that are taking place today is a more dignified importance has been assigned to the care of mental health in people. Toda, more and more people are being seen concern for the statement: healthy mind, healthy body, developing activities that clear their mind, also going to the psychologist is seen as a less taboo subject.

However, it's true that we are in a technological boom that has brought a series of consequences that affect our mental health, this mainly given by social media. Yes, it has allowed us to be more connected and form a community with people from other parts of the world, but they have also served to create fictitious lives that are nothing more than a competition to see who has the most perfect life.

The "toxic" era The use of the word "toxic" as a qualifier has been widely used in the recent months. And it's that as a result of the femicides and violence used, mainly, but not exclusively against women, we can observe how toxic behavior can be triggered in a misfortune. These problems obviously require a quick solution, so the quick help that technology provides to these emotional problems is the use of chatbots. Hence the birth of Violetta.

Violetta: the hug you didn't know you needed

Violetta is more than a chatbot, she is your confidant. Launched in November 2020, it's the first mvp that works as a personal friend to whom you can tell everything you want, whenever you want. If you suspect that you are living a toxic relationship with your partner, friends or even family, Violetta can help you identify it and channel you with professional help.

So Violetta replaces a psychologist? The answer is NO. Violetta is the intermediary who talks to you, like a friend, and helps you identify if you need the help and assistance of a professional. She can even connect you with the professional you may require, to follow up on your case.

And if I'm not in a violent relationship, why would I have to talk to Violetta? Many times we can't identify when we are in a toxic or violent relationship, this can be due to the models under which we grew up or because of the feelings we have towards other people. Violetta is a psychoeducation tool that will let you know if you live in one of these relationships. In this way, it will also help you prevent more serious consequences that we don't want to happen.

How can I talk to Violetta? Entering their website: Via Instagram: @holasoyvioletta Or by Facebook Messenger: @Violetta Violetta is the unconditional friend who will be available for you whenever you need her and you can talk with her wherever you are.

Many people who live in a toxic or violent relationship do not even know it and those who do, don't fully dare to go to a specialist due to the social stigmas that still exist in relation to mental health. They have decreased, yes, but not eradicated.

Violetta dares to speak about what is not normally talked about and thus give you the necessary tools to build healthier relationships. How? giving you information verified by professional psychologists in the answers to your questions. If we are today more connected than ever and we are in a technological boom that is capable of developing incredible artificial intelligence, why not use all this growth on the problems that unleash the worst social catastrophes?

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