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Updated: May 10, 2021

Mother's Day is closer and all Instagram talks about gifts that we can give to mom: spa days, clothes, jewelry ... since we were children, school teachers make us make necklaces with pasta soup, cardboard picture frames and even make us dance in group: we bear in mind that a gift (tangible or intangible) is necessary to celebrate mother's day. Although, I don't like using clichés, but I'm of the idea that Mom should be thanked every day, for the simple fact of putting us here and although a physical gift is an amazing detail, it only complements the fact of showing what she really means to us.

We can also show mom that we are proud of what she does and I think that one of the best gifts a mother can receive is that the world and especially her: see her children with good eyes. Therefore, in this article I give you different ways to thank your mother for the work she has done raising you.

1. Respect others, in this way you will show what she inclined you and mainly, what are the family funds. A good legacy is governed mainly by values, it shows how important these are in your life. Share what your mom leaves to the world.

2. Be patient with her: Especially in technological matters, but also in matters of daily life, the older generations didn't grow up with the internet or all the information and openness that we have, that's why it is important to respect their beliefs and offer them support when she needs it. Passing her tips or teaching her things on technology issues so that her daily tasks and her life, will be easier.

3. Ask her opinion and for her advice: One way to show mom that you care is by letting her know that you value what she thinks. Perhaps and her way of thinking doesn't match yours, but at least her advice can give you an idea of how to solve your problems or where to approach them. 4. Try to continue with the good family traditions, it's a nice and kind gesture to make mom notice that you lived such good moments with her in the past, that you keep reliving them whenever you can in the present. It's also another cute way to show her that you care what she thinks.

5. Do her favors for her without her asking: if one day you can, have hers commisions for her or offer to take her, it's a nice gesture of attention and you will make her life easier by saving her time for other things. 6. Spend time with her: it is not necessary that you go back living with her at home or that you establish a schedule to see her, but eating the two together from time to time or smoking a cigarette and talking, is more than enough for both of you know that each one is well. 7. Show her that you are proud of her too: it's not just mom's job to be proud of her. In fact, I think rarely does a son tell her mother that he is proud of her, make her realize the value of what she makes, and inspire her to do things that she likes.

As I said before, I don't like to use clichés, but with this article I would like to make it clear that the best things in life aren't things and making mom proud of us is an everyday job, that's why I think the gift, the most beautiful thing we can give to mom is to make her see that she did the best with the most important project of her life.

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