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Yocomós: beyond a brand, a life philosophy

If life constantly teaches us something from day to day, especially during last year, is that nothing is guaranteed. From one day to another, our way of life can be affected and take a 180 degree turn. That's why both we and brands must be prepared for this type of event that obviously runs out of our hands.

Today, creating a brand with vision and mission is not enough, instead we must be responsible for creating philosophies that adapt to the context we live in order to adapt more easily and thus transcend successfully.

To achieve this, undoubtedly we must take into account social design, which means adapting its processes and setting its goals depending on the environment where each project is located. For example, the Mae Tao clinic, a few kilometers from the Thai- Burma border. In addition to the basic services that a health center offers, this clinic has a health education, hygiene and disease control program for Burmese immigrants.

In this article, we come to talk about Yocomós, a Mexican brand that focuses on communicating a philosophy that the creator discovered needed to be imposed in the current Mexican context. Yocomós is a social design brand that is inspired by humor, spontaneity and chaos that is experienced daily in Latin America and is transmitted and expressed through unique and peculiar garments. It was founded in 2019 by Agustín Castell, a Film and Television graduate from Centro University.

While Agustín was pursuing his university degree, he realized that he was also passionate about the world of fashion, especially Mexican fashion, by working with people within the industry such as: Gustavo Prado, Carla Fernández, Nayeli de Alva, among others.

The word Yocomós is the union of two words, which together mean: the creator of tomorrow. While his way of involving social design in his philosophy is through its three pillars: Genderless Fashion: Each unique piece is produced without thinking about gender. Whoever decides to buy it adapts it to their style and gives its own meaning that expresses the buyer's own personality. Timeless pieces: Each piece is produced to pass from generation to generation, as it ́s not designed for any specific age.

Sustainable garments: Yocomós creates its pieces from industrial waste and fabric waste. As well as the dyeing that is done with the use of natural pigments (such as hibiscus flower or avocado bones) and even rainwater.

Agustín, the founder and creative director of Yocomós, believes that to grow, it is necessary to work as a team. That is why he relates the production of a garment to the production of a film: for the result to be more complete and of better quality, it is necessary for a specialist to take charge of each part that is part of the result. Agustín considers that his favorite part of the process is when the piece is already finished, because that is where he can continue creating and playing with the garment to create it as peculiar as possible, since he takes into account curiosity as a source of inspiration, that gives the impetus to create new things, it is also what he thinks can give you more material to work on in the future.

In the current context, the world, beyond needing more brands and promises, needs more philosophies that take into account the needs not only of people, but also of the environment to develop their business models. Yocomós doesn ́t adapt to what is happening in Mexico, but rather adapts to what Mexico needs for the production and trade of Mexican fashion.

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