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Your future begins today. Why you should start saving now

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Peace of mind is one of the things that as human beings, we should thrive for. Life goes by so fast sometimes, drowning us in tasks that may take more than they give to us. But when we reach a state of calmness and relaxation, our body and mind feel grateful. Imagine giving that Zen state to your future self…

It is common for young people to be fast paced and most of us don’t stop and think what could happen on the long run. And by “long run” I mean when we are old. Yes, they say that your future is about the decisions that you take today.

Times have changed and retirement pensions are no longer what they used to be. Even so, a lot of seniors who are supposed to be retired cannot afford such a luxury because they need to work in order to survive. They have no savings and no one to rely on but their day-to-day work.

It is a sad reality and a big statistic. But, did you know that if you begin to save now, the earnings will multiply by the time you are no longer full of vitality to have a job?

Now days, insurance technology can give us tranquility by helping us build a savings plan. That means that a part of our earnings is untouchable until we reach a certain age, but also that we are permanently coved for incapacity.

What if I die? Well, in that unfortunate case, the money that you gathered will go to whomever you pick as a beneficiary.

Projects like Güri (@getguri) work on these aspects of the future: your safe future. Your money will be protected with them. It is a digital intermediary that specializes in insurances for retirement by creating savings schemes. GNP insurances endorses it, so it is a guarantee.

Just a small percentage of what you earn will be saved for the future you. You won’t even notice it at the time. Actually, it is a bit like buying peace of mind. Except you’ll get that money eventually.

Believe me, savings go by the hands with tranquility. Look further ahead on your future. Be prepared for any unsuspected event that may come. Be covered. Be smart.

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